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Camille Viera Services originated during Camille Viera-Hewell’s time as branch manager at Banco Familiar. While employed by the local bank, the flame of Camille Viera-Hewell’s passion for community service was ignited and her unique idea for a business model was born. Banco Familiar is no longer in business, but Camille used her early concepts to found Camille Viera Realty & Services. The founder’s vision included having a mall of services, providing one-stop-shopping. In 2005, Camille Viera Realty Services opened its first office in an 800 square foot building at 525 Pearl Nix Pkwy Gainesville.

The business’ physical location was moved to 1515 Skelton Road in 2012 in association with new growth. Dynamic alliances were formed, and partners came aboard to expand some of the services originally offered. In 2014, the growing company joined forces with Bob Norton and Carmen Delgado to expand insurance and real estate services, respectively. To support legal services, alliances were created with law firms, including Matthew C. Hines Law. At that time, Camille Viera Realty & Services changed its name to Camille Viera Services.

2018 was the year in which the work of planting seeds yielded fruit. Camille Viera Services purchased its own building at 175 John W Morrow Jr Pkwy Gainesville in order to house the “Lighthouse Business Center”. The Lighthouse provided 12,000 square feet to accommodate the business’ expansion. An additional alliance was made with attorney Mark Yera to provide a wider range of legal services.

With the strength of a solid reputation paired with experience and education, the opportunity to branch out presented itself once again. Hands were put to the plow and the Associated Offices business model was initiated. This model provides new entrepreneurs with an opportunity to open a business supported by the expertise, knowledge, reputation, and platform an established business, like Camille Viera Services, can provide. In 2020, against all the odds of the pandemic, Camille Viera Services, along with owner-entrepreneur Guillermo Antonnini, opened its first Associate Office in Suwanee. In 2021, a second Associated Office was opened with owners-entrepreneurs Jeffrey Machado and Ana Pugliese in the city of Cornelia.

The projected growth and opening of other Associate Offices guided Camille Viera Services to create a holding company named IS54 Corp that would give independence to the Gainesville Office but retain its ownership. At the present time Camille Viera Services has two locations, Gainesville and Cornelia.

Camille Viera Services
Camille Viera Services

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Influence our community through a wide range of individual and business services, leading with honest solutions providing everything in one place for a better decision.
To be the most reliable company and inspire, impact, transform and empower entrepreneurs and future leaders of our community.
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