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The story began long before I knew it. In 1998, God brought me to Gainesville, GA from my beautiful country, Puerto Rico. The change was 180 degrees; I left a beautiful tropical island to a state that, although it is not one of the coldest, it was for me when I first arrived.

Leaving all my family, I faced a new world without knowing anyone; but from the hand of the One who had my future in His hands, the owner of gold and silver, my God, the God of my story, a story that began to unfold before my eyes.

Graduated from a Master of Business Administration, I did not hesitate to start working in a local pharmacy as a pharmacist's assistant, where in reality, all I did was sweep the floor and leave everything in its place. Then I went to work for an import and export company for poultry products. Little by little, God was preparing the way for me to reach the step that today is Camille Viera Services and its allied companies.

In 1999, I began working at Gainesville Bank & Trust as a “Manager Trainee”, unaware that the president's plan was to open a Hispanic branch. In 2000, the branch was opened under the name Banco Familiar. I started this path as an Assistant Manager and later became the Bank's Manager until 2005, when with God's permission, I resigned to found Camille Viera Services.

The inspiration that made Camille Viera Services open its doors were the clients who for 5 years entered my branch seeking advice on aspects such as Taxes, Home Buying, Translations, Immigration Matters, and I, in my capacity as Bank Manager, could not be very helpful. The helplessness I felt and the great need in the community for a place to go that they trusted motivated me to consider opening my own company. This is how Camille Viera Services was born in August 2005. In this way, I was able to give much more to my community than I had been able to until then.

Through all these years, until today, God has been in charge of providing us with everything necessary to prosper and continue adding services and opening other companies that complement what I always wanted: To have everything in one place so that our clients can make the best decision, a "service mall", offer a variety of services such as the preparation of Business and Personal Taxes, Accounting, Notary Public, Translations, Tax ID's, Immigration Lawyers and any legal case, Insurance in partnership with Bob Norton, Real Estate in partnership with Carmen Delgado and much more.

That is how, in November 2019, we opened the Lighthouse Business Center to group all these services and companies under the same umbrella.

If you ask me what all the success of our company is due to, I can assure without a second's hesitation that I would give all the glory and credit to my God, the God of my history, to whom I owe everything I am and everything what I have.

Camille Viera Services
Camille Viera Services

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Influence our community through a wide range of individual and business services, leading with honest solutions providing everything in one place for a better decision.
To be the most reliable company and inspire, impact, transform and empower entrepreneurs and future leaders of our community.
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