Camille Viera Services’ business strategy involves focusing on the needs of the community in various areas such as income tax services, business solutions, legal services, insurance services (provided by Camille Viera Insurance & Norton Agency), and real estate (provided by La Rosa Realty Georgia). It has always been the desire of the founder to provide high-quality customer services in a friendly and professional environment. Company growth, including the addition of each service, has been driven by the needs of Camille Viera Services’ clients. Every year the company has grown at a pace of 20-25%, even during the 2020 pandemic.

Camille Viera Services’ Associate Office business model allows an entrepreneur to an office with an initial investment. IS54 Corp, the holding company of the Associate Office, identifies areas in which an office can be opened and identifies a 5-mile radius in which each office can operate. Each owner must meet standards set by Camille Viera Services including participating in training, exclusively using the company’s software and platforms, and following established procedures. These standards are set to guarantee clientele the high quality of customer service, knowledge, and ethics on which Camille Viera Services was established.


“Camille Viera-Hewell is a servant of God. Her principles, faith, and beliefs have had an immeasurable impact on the organization, employees, and clients. The company has an official statement of corporate purpose,which is, “to be light and glorify God in all we do”. Camille Viera Services’ culture has been and always will be treating every person as Jesus would treat them and is based on the belief that doing the right thing will always lead to a better outcome. We strive to follow this concept throughout all our offices and associations.”

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